Virus Removal

*Residential Virus Removal:    $99.00
  • Residential Carry-In Special...
  • Remove Current Anti-Virus Software
  • Install Best-In-Class Anti-Virus Software
  • Run Multiple Malware Scans
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Perform Windows Updates
  • Minimum Diagnostic Fee...$59.00



*Terms and Conditions:

  1. Service limited as outlined above and only applies if system is in operational condition and able to execute required software.
  2. The term malware is used in reference to malicious software such as a computer virus or spyware as classified by anti-malware definition files. 
  3. Minimum diagnostic fee applies if virus removal is not successful.
  4. Pricing and services are subject to change without notice. 
  5. Pricing not valid in combination with other offers.
  6. Service is limited to the installation of specific anti-malware software, scanning for malware and the automatic removal of malware detected by the installed anti-malware utilities.
  7. No warranty is provided in regards to the outcome or usability of the computer after malware scanning and auto-removal is completed.
  8. Service does not cover hardware failure, data backup/recovery, operating system failure or other functional issues related (or unrelated) to the removal of malware.  
  9. Standard service and/or travel fees apply to any additional services.
  10. Data backup/recovery is not included with this offer.
  11. Courier service available for pickup and delivery in Sussex County DE only.  Computer is to be disconnected and reconnected by the resident.  Couriers are not responsible for equipment connections or functionality.
  12. Standard terms and conditions apply (Terms & Conditions).