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Systemax 15.4" Laptop

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Systemax Pursuit 4170 Notebook PC
Full-featured functionality, no compromise performance and aggressive pricing define the value proposition offered by the Systemax Pursuit 4170 Notebook PC. Powerful enough to handle today’s technology. Whether a student on the move or a traveling professional, the Systemax Pursuit 4170 Notebook PC delivers both productivity and entertainment in one sleek unit. Only the tech developers at Systemax™ could come up with a notebook so stylish yet loaded with high performance power.

Systemax Pursuit 15.4" Widescreen Laptop
Standard Configuration... $929.00 (3-7 Days)
  • 15.4" Widescreen WXGA LCD
  • Intel Pentium Dual Core 
  • MS Windows Pro or Vista Business
  • Media Card Reader/Writer
  • 2GB DDR2 (1xPC5400) Memory
  • CD/DVD +/-RW Dual Layer Drive
  • 160GB SATA II Hard Drive 
  • Integrated Wireless/Network Adapter 
  • Custom Factory Built New
  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Standard Setup Package (see details)
Professional User Upgrade... $1,059.00 (3-7 Days)   
  • Standard Configuration Changes...
  • Core2 Duo Processor
  • 4GB System Memory 
  • 320GB SATA II Hard Drive 
  • Commercial Anti-Virus (1yr Updates)
  • Laptop Soft-Side Carrying Case
  • 3 Year Manufacture Warranty

An Intel® Pentium™ Dual Core processor fuels the Systemax Pursuit 4170 notebook PC, which also features integrated drives, a multimedia optical drive and a crisp 15.4" WXGA LCD Display. You can also go wireless with the Pursuit 4170 notebook PC -- just plug-in to your network, use office peripherals without hard wire connections or connect to any available hot spot network in coffee shops, bookstores, airports and more. The Systemax™ Pursuit 4170 notebook PC is the perfect road companion for business users.

Systemax™ is the Great American PC Maker.

Ask your current PC Vendor 3 questions:
1. Are 100% of their systems assembled in the USA by US workers?
2. Are 100% of their tech support calls and emails answered in the USA by US workers?
3. Do they have a company policy to NEVER export American jobs?

If they can't answer YES to all 3 questions, then come ask Systemax™. We say "Yes" to the American worker. We are the largest, most reliable PC manufacturer in the country that can make these claims. We've been assembling and supporting the highest quality PCs for American businesses and families in Fletcher, Ohio for over 20 years.