Get a whole lot more with Systemax...

The Systemax Commitment To Excellence - We know there's a number of PC makers that can build you a system. But building a great system is where our job really begins–and where we start to emerge as a different kind of PC company.

Systemax offers over 40,000 products to its two million customers. SystemaxPCs are "The Perfect PC" for the educated buyer who wants name brand components, warranty and service without paying for massive amounts of advertising.

Distribution is made simple by our growing network of regional distribution centers in North America and Europe.

Custom Systems. Superior Service. Systemax Reliability - Systemax is a Fortune 1000 company. We offer direct pricing and quality systems built with the world's best components–and backed by our Maximum Service Customer Care Plan.
Whether you need a powerful PC for your home, or thousand's for your office, Systemax has crafted a configuration that will drive your future. And we can customize your new Systemax PC any way you like. Tell us what you need; we'll take care of everything.
And after you get underway with your new Systemax PC, you'll know that if you have any questions, or any problem–you can count on us to help, and keep on helping.
Four reasons to buy Systemax...
  1. Build-to-Order - We have the Perfect PC because we build them to your exact specifications.

  2. Consistent Manufacturing Quality - Systemax PCs are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility. This certification guarantees the highest international standards possible for design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution. Each PC goes through stringent quality control checkpoints covering 180 items. We test every input, output, memory, cache, hard drive, disk drive, and processor component through multiple test cycles. This makes Systemax one of the most reliable systems available on the market.

  3. Highest Value - Systemax PCs provide value without compromise. Our build-to- order PCs deliver the latest technology at today's cost, giving you more value for your dollar.

  4. Reliability, Compatibility, & Performance - We only use the highest quality components from leading manufacturers -including the most trusted names in the business. Brands such as Intel, Microsoft, Western Digital, Seagate, Quantum, Micro-Star, Gigabyte, Creative Labs, 3COM, ATI, HP, Sony, and Altec Lansing.