Remote Access



Browser Based:     $195.00 (per year)
  • Remote Sound - Hear email notifications, check web based voice mail or listen to music and podcasts from your host computer
  • Drag & Drop - Seamlessly drag and drop files and folders between connected PCs
  • Sharing - Share files or photos instantly with others, even those too large for email
  • Remote Printing - Automatically print files from your remote PC to your local printer
  • Direct Connect - Save time and clicks by going directly from the My Computer's page into a remote control or file transfer session
  • Mini Meeting - Invite a colleague or friend to your PC for an online meeting; view only or full control
  • File Transfer - Move files quickly between PCs
  • File Sync - Synchronize files and folders on both PCs in seconds
  • Drive Mapping - Link your local drives to your target PC
  • Setup &Support - Initial setup and ongoing support included
  • Total Solution - Combined with Fast-teks Support
    • Includes Single Workstation License
    • Ongoing Remote Support Included
VPN Based:    $299.00 (per year / + setup)
  • LAN over the Internet - Arrange multiple computers into their own secure network, just as if they were connected by a physical cable.
  • Remote Access - Remote control any machine on your network with Remote Desktop.
  • Files and Network Drives - Access critical files and network drives.
  • Zero-configuration - Works without having to adjust a firewall or router.
  • Security - Industry leading encryption and authentication.
  • Total Solution - Combined with Fast-teks Support
    • Includes Server Side Software License
    • Annual Server Side VPN Support Included
    • Client Side Software Required...$49.00 
      (per workstation / per year / plus setup)