Computer Tune-Up

Stop Unnecessary Programs
Hard Drive Optimization
System Optimization
Specialty Spyware Protection
Anti-Virus/Spyware Protection
*Computer Tune-up Service:

          Carry-in... $149.00  or  $199.00 (w/backup)

          Pick-up.... $199.00  or  $259.00 (w/backup)
  • Pick-up / Delivery Service (option)
  • Re-installation of Windows (if necessary)
  • Installation of Provided Software
  • Data Backup/Recovery (w/backup)
  • Stop Unnecessary Background Programs
  • Computer Connection to Internet (pick-up only)
  • Malicious Software Removal & Protection
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation and Optimization
  • Microsoft Updates for Windows and Office
  • Windows Security (e.g. updates & firewalls)
  • Extensive Hardware Testing
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader Installation/Update
  • Adobe Flash Player Installation/Update
  • JAVA Runtime Installation/Update
  • Extensive Internal/External Equipment Cleaning
  • Email Client Setup and Migration Not Included.
  • 30 Days Carry-in / Remote Support


*Terms and Conditions:

  1. Pricing and services are subject to change without notice. 
  2. Service applies to current documented maintenance process only.
  3. Offer not valid in combination with other offers.
  4. Additional service and / or travel fees not included.
  5. Data backup is limited to operational hard drives.  Data recovery services are not included with tune-up services.
  6. Cost of hardware replacement and/or repair is not included in price.
  7. Support is limited to remote/carry-in service and maintenance performed; it does not cover hardware failure, data backup/recovery, malicious software infection, operating system failure or other issues unrelated to tune-up procedures. 
  8. In the event of malicious software re/infection, support does include scanning with utilities installed during maintenance (if they will run).
  9. Computer connection to highspeed Internet is limited to pre-existing (previously working) installations and does not apply to non-active / non-working installations.
  10. Additional fees apply for email client setup and/or migration.  Only Outlook and Outlook Express email clients are supported.
  11. Standard terms and conditions apply (Terms & Conditions).